Thursday, 3 May 2012

The straight and narrow

This is an illustration for a poetry competition at Uni. It's not my best drawing, but I like the concept behind the drawing and you never know, if you dont enter you have no chance of winning so *fingers crossed!*

Heres the poem..
When the tall and bearded careers advisor
set up his stall and his slide projector,

something clicked. There on the silver screen,
like a photograph of the human soul,

the X-ray plate of the ten-year-old girl
who swallowed a toy. Shadows and shapes,

mercury tinted lungs and a tin foil heart,
alloy organs and tubes, but bottom left,

the caught-on-camera lightning strike
of the metal car: like a neon bone,

some classic roadster with an open top,
and a man at the wheel in goggles and cap,

motoring on through deep, internal dark.
The clouds opened up; we were leaving the past,

drawn by a star that had risen inside us,
some as astronauts, and some as taxi drivers.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

She sees light and stars

I drew this little doodle when I was trying to figure out what to do for a college project. I really liked it so I tried colouring over it in photoshop as a rough sketch, I think its a cool idea and I want to try and do it properly when I have time because I could see it working as a nice illustration :)

I'm not quite sure if I want her to be holding fire or a star though..