Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Upton house and Glenn Brown exhibition

At the weekend I went to the National Trust property Upton house and saw the Glenn Brown exhibition which I actually really liked. Heres some photos from the day :) lots of pretty vintage stuff!



Glenn Brown.

I got told by the guy there that if you look at the painting from the side it is completely flat, yet there's so much depth to the painting itself it really is quite amazing and definitely much better in real life. He was inspired by traditional fine artists which you can tell and interested in the way paint moves. He's playing around with what the great painters did and distorting them, for example the upside down boy he painted which is supposed to be that way round!

Picturing time part II

Moving on from that idea I tried experimenting with photography and using real clocks. I found a few of my stopwatches and started messing around with them..

I decided to typewrite the definition of horology onto some old paper which I could later photoshop into the photos. I wanted to use a typewriter because I felt it gave an old 'timey' feeling.

I also tried cutting out the numbers on the watch and having them spilll out as if time itself was spilling out because it is something you can never hold onto.

I really like this one because I thought it looked very clean and graphical. I added the words using a font rather than the typewritten words, just to try something different and I think it works very well. Even though it is a bit boring I think..

Stepping away from the photographs, I went back to drawing and drawing from them in particular.

I saw these photos of watches that I really liked because you could see the insides and how they worked, I also liked that they were photographed on top of writing which reminded me of my typewritten picture.

I traced over the photo of a stopwatch and stuck it onto of my definition of horology photo, I thought this had something interesting to it.

I also tried drawing the parts of the clock with different coloured pencils, layering them over eachother to try out different effects and to build up the clock so it looked like all the parts had come together.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Picturing Time

Back at Uni we were given our first brief, a competition called picturing time for the Clockmakers Society in London where we had to find any way of illustrating time and can submit any number of entries.

I delved straight into my first idea which was to create a sort of fashion timeline, since I love drawing girls and outfits. Choosing four or so different dressed women from different eras. I started with a rococo style 17th century marie antionette sort of figure, drawing a clock also from that era and trying to match the style.. the idea to later match them up in photoshop.

I scanned them into the computer and changed the size to make the clock the main piece in the picture and quickly added some colours of that era to give it the right feel to the time period.

I drew a 1970s girl next to contrast the other time period, I gave her the same face as the previous girl because I had the idea that the girls face could remain the same showing the passing of time, but it didn't really look right.

I moved onto the next girl, a Victorian woman who I drew in pencil onto a page from an old book to give a different feel and fit more with the era, I drew parts of a Victorian clock behind her aswell. I also drew her again in pen and this time tried photocopying her onto one of the book pages. I don't really like how she turned out and doesn't really fit with the other two in style.

Moving onto the last one now, I drew a 1920's girl with an art deco clock and added a stock image texture in the background.

I added the first girl and the second together to get an idea of what it would look like as I wanted to create a grid of these girls/clocks, however they were all too different in style and I didn't think  they would work well like that.

I wasn't finished with this idea however and ill come back to it later!...

Monday, 5 November 2012


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Sunday, 4 November 2012

The fire in the sky!

I'm back! I feel like I haven't updated on here in ages, probably because I haven't but I'm in my 3rd year of uni now and ready to get back into the blogging world!

Since it's bonfire weekend and I love fireworks, I took my SLR out with me to the local display to try and capture some of the magic and got some very interesting results :)

Most of these have been cropped and zoomed in to focus on some of the beautiful lines and squiggles so you can see them more clearly. I've found a new interest in long exposure photography and these were a complete accident! Definitely going to play around with them a bit, maybe incorporating my drawings into some aswell.