Saturday, 16 June 2012

Why so serious?!

Birthday card I made for my brother! He loves the Joker from Batman and always likes to do the impression of him saying 'WHY SO SERIOUS?' So I wrote this on the front and inside wrote 'it's your brithday!' I thought it was quite amusing even if I do say so myself :p As for the drawing, it's not one of my better ones but it has a certain something to it. Even though its got my usual 'lets throw ink around the paper look' I think it works well for this picture as the Joker is a very colourful character!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Personal Identity- FINALS

I thought those photos I did from around the house worked really well and had something to them, they definitely looked old, which was my main goal. For my final collection I chose to use that book I found as an inspiration and decided to photograph someone for a day, documenting their daily routine. These photos would have a thought about composition whilst at the same time trying to look random. I chose to photograph my Dad's routine on a Sunday as I knew it would be quite relaxed and boring, all the better for me to take some 'mundane' photos.

The first 3 were taken with hipstamatic just to try out, but I stuck with lens+

Using Lens+ with all the different filters, such as ones replicating 1920s, pinhole cameras, 1970s, diana mini, holga, etc.

I'm really pleased with how they turned out and love the square format, so I took them to Boots to get printed, however much to my horror they printed them in the 6x4 modern format! Which was most annoying as it cut most the photo off. But I actually used this to my advantage to make the photos even more quirky and retro by cutting the already cropped photos even more so as to fit some cellophane wallets I bought for the exhibition.

Here are the chosen finals in their pockets where I also added a 'time stamp' to them. Going along with the retro theme I used my typewriter on tracing paper to write out the time of each action, so that they have some meaning and the viewer is not left completely baffled. However, I still do want the audience to look at the photos and try and make out whats happening/an order to them as this is part of what I wanted to create when I was taking the photos. I want the viewer to feel like they are looking into a private world where they shouldn't necessarily be looking and also be intrigued where they wouldn't usually when they see a photo of a normal household object and I think I have successfully achieved this. 

I found this photo on one of my favourite blogs and thought it would be a great way to display my photos for the exhibition, making it look like how they used to hang them up in the printing labs when developing them. I have really enjoyed this project and am definitely going to keep experimenting with all my cameras! :)