Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Spring has sprung!

Which is a perfect excuse to start taking loads of pics with various photo apps on my phone again!

...and also buying new make up!

Oh comely, the best magazine if you love reading actual interesting articles about people and love pics of vintage photography, illustration and quirky ideas or recipes.

My bracelet from an independent shop called Walnut and weave, its by a company called one button. It was quite pricey but its so delicate and pretty, perfect for spring.

The lipstick I got from Maybelline is a beautiful nude colour that glides on really easy and quite subtle, not too nude if you know what I mean. Its in the shade Sultry sand. 

I picked the Barry M nail varnish up because it was cheap, new and sparkly which I shouldn't have done because its not very good. I wore it over the top of a few colours but it really doesn't show up well unless you put it over white or something similar. However love the L'oreal one in the colour Nouvelle Vague which is a really nice pale lilac with blue hues in. Love these l'oreal ones because they are good quality and stay on a lot longer than others. They have a really good brush too that just glides over your nail in one go.

and meee, looking quite stern in the sun glare :)