Thursday, 24 January 2013

Brave New World part 2

As I found the bubble photos so successful, I instantly decided I wanted to use those for the front cover and possibly inside illustrations so I carried on experimenting with them by adding illustrations to them.

I first drew out these simple pictures of babies and DNA symbols as I thought about positioning them into the bubbles..


I thought these looked really cute and effective. I liked the idea of the baby fitting into the bubble as if it was growing in the womb or a test tube, but also having a lot of them all the same interlocking into each other on top of the bubbles to show the reproduction and how they are all the same.

Here's the DNA illustration on top of a simple colour rather than photograph, I was just playing around and found this too look quite simple and effective too. I was also messing around with sayings from the book and a favourite of mine is 'hug me till you drug me, kiss me till I'm in a coma. Hug me honey, snuggly bunny, loves as good as soma.' I tried experimenting with this phrase and the illustrations more as you can see here..

I like these ones because it looks as if the baby is in a sort of jail cell.

I also really liked the idea of fertilization and the bubble photo I took with a pin inside as I thought it represented that well so I drew a needle and using photoshop superimposed it onto an appropriate photo whilst also adding the title for the book. I could see this as the front cover. 

It was suggested to me that blotting paper may be a good way to illustrate the test tube babies as I like to work with ink and could be a more interesting way to illustrate other than just simple fineliner, however I found I couldn't work well with blotting paper and did not like the results achieved as I found they looked too childish and not sophisticated enough for the look I wanted. To be fair, I could have carried on with them, but I knew it wasn't the look I was after and gave up.

I finally decided on making this the final for cover illustration. I went back to looking at the original simple drawings of babies and after having a break from it and looking with fresh eyes, noticed how egg like this one photo looked and placed the baby images in, one fitting inside and one larger as I liked both initial images at the start where one fitted in but also the one where the drawing was too big for the photo. I think this balance works really well and gives a distorted look aswell as one portraying similarity in reproduction. I added some text to finish it off, I really liked this type face I thought it fitted well with the imagery and looked distinctly new and sci fi at the same time.

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