Thursday, 24 January 2013

Brave New World Part 3

Moving onto the inside illustrations now, I first tried trying to replicate what I did for the front cover by adding these simple black pen drawings over my existing photos as I wanted them to work as a set, however this didn't quite work. Here are a few of the initial ones I tried..

For the first image I chose to illustrate the part of the book where Linda dies in her soma coma state. I added the illustration over one of the suitable bubble photographs and messed around with the layer filters on each of them to try out different effects of blending the two together. The first one is more vibrant and my favourite of the set, whereas the other two are too wishy washy. I had to lower the opacity of the photograph quite a lot for the illustration to show and the overall result has made it too busy looking. I also don't think the ink works well with it.

I tried again by drawing out a simpler version with the black fine liner having liked the previous results for the front cover, I think these ones work a lot better.

The next part of the book I chose was the end scene where John savage hangs himself, I found it to be a very powerful part of the book, however it does not work AT ALL with the bubble photos and simply looks way too washed out, so taking a step back from using them and trying to make it all a complete set of images to match the cover I experimented overlapping my drawings on different photographs to see if I could achieve a more desired effect suitable for illustrating the book.


This was my saviour, I'd gone out during this project to photograph some beautiful mist and fog we got at home and they inspired me so much I thought why not try and use them for this.

I really like the graveyard ones and thought they would be perfect for the soma coma image, so I tried out a few before coming up with the final for it...

For these two I combined the two of the graveyard images together and iverted the drawing to make it stand out. I think these ones are really effective.

I also tried making it look really dreamy by photographing a moving light and changing the colours on photoshop, but this doesn't look quite right..

..So I decided on this for my final image, which is similar to the black and white ones, but with just the cross photo, but I prefer the colour.

 ....Moving onto the one of John savage, I took it a step further by introducing another photo on top of the fog one to give it more depth and help make it into more of an illustration.

I added the picture of the archway because of what it said in the book about walking through the door just seeing the feet hanging there and created various images around that idea. I like most of them, however the feet are far too thin and do not stand out at all so I drew them again in a thicker pen, inverted them as before and chose my favourite archway picture to put them in.

This is the final result.

For the final illustration I wanted to draw the part in the book where they first encounter the savages, so taking on board that a thicker pen works better to show up in the images I drew one of the savages in the dirt and placed her onto a photo from the fog photo set. As you can see the fog photo is really dark so I edited it on photoshop, changing the levels and curves to make it brighter before adding the drawing on top. 

This is the final image.

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