Sunday, 27 January 2013

D&AD brief- make up!

I decided to take the project in a completely different direction because I felt I'd come to a stop with the light experiments, I'd done a lot of them and felt I couldn't really move them on anymore and didn't want to. So I looked back at dazed and confused magazine and noticed a lot of it was about fashion. I also came across a few images I'd found at the beginning when researching that were to do with make up. This made me think about how obsessed the youth of today are with make up products and changing their appearance. I wanted to take it to the extreme, rather than just photographing people going out I thought about showing the getting ready part of it. I wanted to put on loads of make up to show how obsessed people can be with it. I'm very happy with some of the results and love how I ended up making myself look like a sad clown with all the make up!

I took two of my favourites to photoshop to develop further and I love the results. I think they would really fit with the image of dazed and confused magazine and really portray well the idea I was trying to get across and would definitely still  be relevant in a decade.

As much as I love this last image, I still wanted to try and take it further or look at other things I could do. I thought maybe this image wasn't out there enough, so I did some research into make up and some relevant images of today that are modern and noticed a lot of dressing up to look like something you're not, using masks or thick make up to turn yourself into a weird creature.

Then, while I was watching a music video, inspiration struck! This video by Bastillies shows girls doing things considered to be fun whilst dressed to look dead. I loved this idea and knew I wanted to try and recreate something similar.

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