Sunday, 27 January 2013

D&AD brief pt.2 - playing with light!

 Carrying on playing and drawing with light, I decided to take it outside to try. It was dark, but for some reason some of the photos came out a sort of sepia colour. For these ones my brother helped me and we just ran around the garden past the camera, producing an amazing streak of light, I was amazed by this result. I really like them.



Thinking more towards the brief though and youth, he tried drawing a circle of light above my head to represent a halo and although they didn't work too well, I actually really like the ghostly effect produced and think I could do something with it.

For these two I actually tried moving the camera on the tripod rather than the light itself, but it did not work as well. I was also worried about moving my camera so quick!

Here are the results of me developing the halo pictures further, I overlapped them onto a photo I took of a grave as I thought this was a good contrast to the halo. The last one is my favourite.

I now wanted to try writing letters out with the light, so I tried to write the name of the magazine, dazed and confused separately with all the letters. These are some of the successful letters. 
Next I wanted to add them over some of the photos I'd already produced, so I tried merging a variation of the different light photos.

I don't think this looks good!

However this one has something about it, but the writing looks too messy and photoshoped. 

I really like what I did here, wrapping the light around some reeds.. I'm not sure how it can link to the brief though!

I kept having more ideas using the light and it was a lot of fun so I tried out some more experiments, this time trying to draw symbols that represent youth, such as music and headphones.

I love the music symbol we managed to capture in this one.

This one works the best I think. Love the pink against dark blue. Only problem is you can see too much of the background, editing is needed!

The music symbols were quite hard to do but I think a few came out alright.

For some reason I thought I could be crying the music symbol, but it doesn't look very good!

Here is the edited headphones picture, I really like it but think it looks too teenagery and not sophisticated enough for the magazine.

EDITING EXTREME! looks cool though..

Finally I wanted to try bringing masks into it and see if I could somehow light them up, I also liked the idea of holding the light so produced a few more experiments...

Love this one, but again not really sure what to do with it or how it could relate.

These didn't work so well, time to move on I think...

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