Sunday, 27 January 2013

D&AD pt.3 - poisoned potion!

I wanted to step away from trying to draw with the light and thought about what else I could do with it as I love the effect, I thought about youth and how much alcohol is a big part of that culture. I wanted to try and convey being passed out by it and treating it as a sort of sacred item which is why I used a green light to light it up. I also used a pretty glass vial with a top to give it a magical element. These photos were very hard to capture right as there was a lot of experimenting with isco and shutter speed on the camera to capture the right amount of light whilst not making the picture too dark or blurry. On a few of them I set up a spotlight to try and give more light.

Although some of these photos work quite well, I don't feel they are good enough for the brief.

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