Saturday, 5 January 2013

Brave New World pt.1

For Uni we were told to read and illustrate Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. I found this quite challenging because it is not the sort of book I would usually read and found it quite a struggle to get through, however the film version helped a lot!
After scribbling down a few ideas I was one day photographing bubbles in water and oil, just for fun after seeing the talented work of Sharon Johnstone. I decided to have a bit of fun playing around with this technique to see if anything came out of it and I really liked the results!

These were my inspiration for what I was doing, by photographer Sharon Johnstone. I thought they would be good for this project as they instantly reminded me of the fertilization process which I linked to having to create test tube babies in the novel.

Here are a few of my results, unedited. I took a lot of photos so here is just a selection.

I tried these ones over a cd cover, this was at the beginning of the experiment and weren't very successful. I chose a cd that had a person on as I felt it related to the subject of human relations in the novel. I used a spotlight for the lighting of these ones.


These ones I feel were the most successful, these ones involved using natural light and a stainless steel basin for the background to create a metallic sci fi effect.

These ones were also very successful. I added washing up liquid to create a few more smaller bubbles, I also added a different coloured oil turning the water into this blue/green which fits well with how I envision brave new world.

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