Sunday, 27 January 2013

D&AD brief - The living dead!

...With this new idea in mind, I ordered some face paints and invited my cousin round to get creative turning ourselves into skeletons! I wanted to try and capture us sat in front of the tv or somehow draped around it to show how the youth of today are being taken over by technology.

Here's us getting ready!

And here are the images!

Although rather scary, I think some of these could be really effective!

I did a lot of playing around with them...

I love all of these, some look a bit too busy though and noticeably photoshopped. I added photos of little light dots known as bokeh that I had taken over the years to give them some interest. For the last one I added the music symbol I did earlier during the drawing with light phase. I think it adds something to the tv. The last image is my favourite and will be my final image that i'll submit!

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