Sunday, 27 January 2013

D&AD brief pt.1

For the student D&AD briefs we had to pick at least two, so seeing as how at the time I'd sort of fallen out of love with drawing for a bit and in love with photography I chose the two briefs focused on that area. The first one being for Dazed and Confused magazine. I love this magazine and I thought the brief sounded really interesting. It asks you to come up with a portrait of contemporary youth. A photograph that represents the youth of today and show something that will still be relevant in a decade. This is quite a hard thing to do, but what they were asking of us really appealed to me. First I looked at the magazine itself and some of the front covers. I really liked these 3 the most as they just has something unique and arty about them aswell as being fashion related. (Plus I think I just liked the colours!)

After looking on their website and familiarizing myself with the magazine, I started experimenting!

I wanted to try out 'drawing with light' for this brief after I was told some of my photography using light was really good and I should try experimenting with this technique!

Not really knowing where to start I grabbed a torch and just played around drawing funny patterns and shapes in a darkened room. Here are the results (not very good!)

A lot of it was definitely trail and error, but there were a few out of those that I thought were interesting and could work as an image so I developed them further.. (not having anything specific in mind, just playing to see what comes out of it)

I experimented by adding other photos on top of them on photoshop and changed the layer filters so that they blend into one image. I love the first image of me holding the bottle because of the way I blend into the background.. a good starting point for this project! :)


These ones, I feel are also really good. I started cropping the light circles I'd made and multiplying them, for some reason I thought they would look good on tree branches! I chose some photos I'd taken of fog in my local park to edit them with because I found the the darkness of them works really well in contrast to the light.

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